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Sterling Payee Services was founded in 2009 and we service clients in New Hampshire.

We are interested in providing services to anyone in need of a Representative Payee.

Our operations are conducted in a prudent manner and our services are tailored to meet each individual client’s needs.  We treat our clients with the respect and dignity they deserve. Budgets are set up so that bills received can be paid on a timely basis.  We have found that most clients have trouble making their funds last throughout the month, therefore, we encourage the idea of them receiving personal needs payments on a weekly basis (weekly allowance) but are flexible. Clients are also encouraged to allow us to set aside funds each month so they have extra spending for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays.

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Facts To Assist Expediting A Representative Payee Application

In an effort to assist with the application process for a request for a Representative Payee, we here at Sterling Payee Services, wish to provide you with some helpful information. Please note that there is a set criterion that is required by the Social Security Administration in order for Sterling Payee Services to submit an application on behalf of you and/or your client.

  • Name and Social Security Number are required by the SSA.
  • Physical address is needed,(or if homeless, please state so).
  • Phone number and date of birth are needed.
  • Current Rep Payee and reason for the change.
  • It there is not a current rep payee, then a physician’s statement is required by the SSA.
  • Do you live alone and if not who and what you pay for rent is required by the SSA.
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