Services Provided by Sterling Payee Services

  • Develop Initial Budget Plans to Reconcile the Financial Needs of the Client based upon client’s income
  • Process Payments and Record Storage of Client Bills for 2 years
  • Maintain Current Records
  • Monthly Reconciliations
  • Provide Communications with the SSA Recipient, Family (upon written release by client),
    Social Worker, Case Manager and/or Collaborative Agencies
  • Ensure Adherence to Federal Guidelines for Benefit Recipients
  • Upon Request, Reports Outlining All Account Activity and Balances
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Facts To Assist Expediting A Representative Payee Application

In an effort to assist with the application process for a request for a Representative Payee, we here at Sterling Payee Services, wish to provide you with some helpful information. Please note that there is a set criterion that is required by the Social Security Administration in order for Sterling Payee Services to submit an application on behalf of you and/or your client.

  • Name and Social Security Number are required by the SSA.
  • Physical address is needed,(or if homeless, please state so).
  • Phone number and date of birth are needed.
  • Current Rep Payee and reason for the change.
  • It there is not a current rep payee, then a physician’s statement is required by the SSA.
  • Do you live alone and if not who and what you pay for rent is required by the SSA.
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